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waiting for you

Sun Nov 20 2016
"We've been waiting for you."

I enter the room, recognizing only a few of the people there.

"It's a wonderful day for an intervention."

It was apparently just a joke. Or was it?

The invitation said the gathering was "in my honor" and I felt I could not turn it down. Dressed to the sevens ('nine' is so cliche), I show up, still wondering what I've ever done to be honored. There had to be at least fifty people there.

"We know what you did."

Nothing like that to make one feel as if they've been caught doing somthing illicit. I can't remember ever having stolen candy from a baby (yikes, another cliche) or rigging an election or robbing a bank or anything like that. I must have done something good, then. That's what I'm thinking.

"Unbelievable anyone would do such a thing."